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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Apple Sharlotka

From Smitten Kitchen

This was an interesting dessert.  Sort of a cross between a cake and a pie.  I suggest a mix of tart apples with some that cook softer.  3-Grannies and 3-Macs?  Make sure you beat the eggs long enough to create the foaminess that will bake into an interesting sugary shell over the top, with the insides steaming together.  My Russian coworker made this in the old country, sometimes with different fruit or raisins.  Walnuts would be nice (if they didn't give me hives, that is!)

6 Granny Smiths, 1/4 "dice
3 eggs
1c sugar
1t vanilla
1c flour

Preheat 350 degrees. Line 9" springform with parchment and butter well.  Put diced apple evenly in pan.  Mix eggs and sugar and beat til thick, yellow and foamy.  Mix in vanilla and then stir in the flour.  Pour over the apples and spread to cover all pieces.  Bake about one hour.  Cool in pan for ten minutes.  Remove ring, flip onto plate, remove bottom and peel off parchment.  Place serving plate onto the cake and flip back right side up.  Serve warm with cinnamon and powdered sugar dusted over it.

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  1. This is actually a European pie!:) We've made this in the Old World many a time (with slight variations). It's good to meet an old friend!:)