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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Apple Bacon "Burger"

My son does not care for Boca Burgers, but I think that is beacuse he tries them plain with just katsup, and to me that is just not fair.  I found this hamburger recipe and knew it would be perfect with a Boca because there's just so much going on, flavor-wise.  You'll never notice it isn't ground beef.  If you want it truly vegetarian, you'll have to leave out the bacon.  I also suggest the regular ole Boca - no need for any Southwest flavored "burger" or whatever. As for apple, I love a crisp apple with a tart profile, so Granny Smith or a Jonacrisp would be my choice.

whole grain hamburger bun
1 t Dijon
thin layer of sharp cheddar
1 cooked Boca pattie
2 slices bacon
1 not-thin slice of apple
1 T mayo
heavy sprinkle of Chipotle powder (Penzey's, of course!)


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