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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mueseli from Mrs. King

How could I forget to post this first?  I eat this every single weekday and some weekends too.  As I prepared this morning's portion, it dawned on me that it should have been first.  Oh well.  Chocolate made sense too as a first.  I prepare this when I first get up, and eat it when I get to work, so it has time to absorb - about an hour.  I've eaten it right away too because I like chewy - not so chewy to make you feel like a wildman, but good and chewy.  I've tried various other oatmeals and even the Quaker multi grain mix, and have found that the Trader Joe's Multi Grain mix just beats them all.  Anyway...

1 c Rubbermaid container
1/3 c multi grain mix
2-3 T dried cranberries
7 dried cherries
1/4 - 1/3 Granny Smith apple, chopped fine
3-4 T plain Activia

I measure the grains into the bowl, then sprinkle a small handful of craisins on top.  I count the cherries on top (they are expensive!), then put lukewarm/warm tapwater until it just covers the mix.  Then I cut up the apple, put it on top, dollop some yogurt over the top (spreading it around a little to keep the apple from discoloring).  Pop on the lid and off to work I go.  I stir it just before eating.  (I'm enjoying a bowl right now!)  It's not too sweet although the dried cranberries have sugar on them.  I've tried flavored yogurts, and using juice, but the results are too sweet, to me, for breakfast everyday.  This has a nice tang from the yogurt, but not too overpowering.  I've tried other apple varieties, but I like the crunch of the Granny Smiths.  I'm trying to add flax seed for health benefits, but I love it the way it is.  (I would also add nuts to boost the protein profile, if they didn't give me hives!)

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